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Through Paques, we equip transportation industries with readily available tools that answer the toughest industry questions and provide real-time, actionable insight to drive operational excellence, improve service quality, and reduce costs.

Network operations monitoring and management

By feeding performance information into data analytics, the company has been able to predict vehicle breakdowns and act to remove the units for maintenance before they break down in the field. This data analytics has the potential for significant cost savings.

Data Used to
Improve Service Delivery
To identify problematic areas, Paques used the dataset to identify locations with bottlenecks and abnormal traffic behaviors and uncover where dedicated lanes are slowest.
Using Data Analytics, users can explore and reveal useful insights on passenger behavior, which could improve planning and services.
Improved Customer Experience
by developing effecting communication via insights from social media, persona segmentation & preferences.
Optimized Transit
by predicting the impact of maintenance, road-works, congestion & accidents.
Improve Operations, Reduce Costs, and Better Serve Travelers.

In today’s interconnected and instrumented world, every industry including the transportation segment captures an unprecedented amount of data. They need to turn their data into insights to precisely enhanced the model capacity, demand, revenue, pricing, customer sentiments, cost, and a lot more. In this case, the company is unable to accurately see the capacity of each railway station, airport, terminal or else, hence the lack of knowledge on which routes need to be expanded or increased. Transportation companies need solutions to manage their operations more effectively, by being able to monitor their operations in real time.
With Paques Core, the company can process massive data set in a relatively short period of time. Paques Query Language also plays a role here by creating multiple outputs from a single input, reducing the amount of time needed by their data analysts to process huge amount of data.


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