Derive benefits of big data in several use cases using Paques

The sources of data for telcos are now more varied than ever before. They include social media, how customers leave feedback and behave, and even information derived from device location and use. There’s always the risk that, with so much information flowing into the organization, an operator might end up with a data swamp rather than the desired data lake. Thus, analytics for telecom companies can be deployed to derive benefits in several use cases – all of which can, in some way, enhance customer experience and reduce churn.

Network operations monitoring and management
Optimizing routing and quality of service by analyzing network traffic.
Tailoring marketing campaigns to individual customers using location-based and social networking technologies.
New Product
Using insights into customer behavior and usage to develop new products and services.
Improving customer experience
Another crucial use case of Big Data and predictive analytics in telecom is enhancing the customer experience.
Geolocation Data Mediation

The Telecommunication operator needs to constantly monitor what is happening in its massive network. Paques efficiently provide data analysis by using commodity CPUs to perform large data processing. The Telecommunication operator need a solution that can ingest a very high volume of data and process the raw data to produce hundreds of KPIs used for network performance monitoring and planning. At one example, it needs to join 15 tables with over a 54million rows each. It has to be able to do so in a very efficient manner in resource utilization because it has to feed data into multiple systems with varied time expectations, with total daily data processed can reach more than 100 TB. Thanks to its a patented technology, Paques Core™, now you can accelerate productivity by processing a vast amount of data in a fraction of time, with minimum hardware requirement.


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