Who We Are

Paques is the leading Data Lake and Analytical solutions in the Indonesian Big Data industry.
Paques is able to ingest a vast amount of data, unstructured and structures, in a fraction of time and designed as an Open-Platform
which enables the system to interface seamlessly to other Best-In-Class big data platforms.

To write software in the highest quality
and become the technology pioneer

At Paques, we build big data solutions that let organizations ingest and analyze their data into one platform to make better decisions.
Our software empowers organizations to answer complex questions quickly by providing analytic solutions
without the inherent complexity of data infrastructure.

Life at Paques

As a tech company, we’re always looking to create something that can make an impact.
In principle and practice, Paques is powered by people. We acknowledge our differences as well as our combined strengths.
We know creating an environment that values diverse perspectives and backgrounds is what enables us
to have more innovative ideas and best serve our customers.


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