Paques has a lot to offer in the world of retail & eCommerce!

Innovative uses of Data Analytics improve the customer experience and have the potential to boost retail sales. The benefits are many: Monitoring sales performance, market trends, customer demographics, and better Customer Service, improved performance, and the ability to discover information that could have been hidden. Gain the benefits using Paques and harness the power of your data.

Analyzing the Path
to Purchase
Analyzing the way a customer came to make a purchase is another retail tool that can be improved by data analytics. With Paques Data Analytics tools can help retailers to understand customers’ buying habits and focus on what exactly works in the real world.

Use Paques to pinpoint the fairest price for specific customers to bring in increased sales.

Using online & social media to forecast trends
Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Bahasa Indonesia to extract information from social media and machine learning to make sense of it can give the business an edge over the competition and forecast trends.
Ease of Use

Most eCommerce retailers aren’t familiar with data processing further than using simple applications such as MS Excel/ spread sheet. They have the data but can not utilize the fullest potentials of the data, therefore they’re unable to gain insights and knowledge from their data. With Paques’ intuitive drag and drop UI, people with no IT background or experience can easily process their data and turn it into knowledge.

Monitoring Inventory & Product SKU

Monitor inventory and product sales in retail markets through key metrics. Empower retailers to focus on increasing ROI through the adoption of modern techniques such as personalization.

Optimize Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Retailers make every effort to create optimized, flexible, global and event driven supply chain model to increase efficiencies and enhance relationship with supply chain stakeholders.Retailers aim to provide a proper product at a right time, in a proper condition, at a proper place. In this regard, the stock and the supply chains need to be deeply analyzed.
Paques with powerful machine learning algorithms and data analysis platforms detect patterns, correlations among the elements and supply chains. It can be used to develop robust demand forecasts through a statistical analysis of data across outlets. Retailer can keep a check on SKUs across outlets. Combining Procurement analytics with supplier effectiveness can help retailers in taking optimum inventory sourcing decision.In additions, the analysts would easily spot the patterns of high demand and develop strategies for emerging sales trends, optimize delivery and manage the stock.



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