Uncover Patterns and Trends that Will Deliver Actionable Insight to The Business

The capability of Paques enables Manufacture sector to innovate in how they operate, how they work with customers and suppliers, and how they identify new opportunities for revenue generation.

Production Monitoring & Analysis
Keeping track of production numbers, equipment statuses, costs in one dashboard. It enables business users to optimize product quality and to manage all related manufacturing costs efficiently.

The approach of preventive maintenance and advanced predictive analytics algorithms ensure manufacture receive the optimum productivity and uptime from the most valuable assets.

Applying advanced analytics to effectively identify recurring trends and anomalies in that data and align this with customer sentiment data to gain a clearer picture of future demand.
Supply Chain
Delivering supply chain visibility to instantly know key supply chain information such as which suppliers are performing well, whether the products they make are good quality, and how many orders are delivered on time.
Boost Revenue through Operational Improvements

With a profit overview dashboard, the executive leader can easily find out the overall profit and loss. This dashboard can also be filtered by branch, sales, and product. You can track the right metrics across platforms and improve your sales performance with a sales dashboard and not only are you boosting your revenue, but you’re also making sure your sales representatives have a reason to become top performers.


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