Putting Data to Work for the Public Sector

To govern means providing services that can give a real benefit to the public. Accomplish a lot of the works by using big data and analytics. Paques will help you make every strategic decision based on data for the good of society. Leverage big data to understanding constituent needs, improving customer service, and managing the next crisis for citizens based on the insights from comprehensive, secure and reliable data.

Citizen Engagement & Sentiment Analysis

Information from both traditional and new social media (websites, blogs, twitter feeds, etc.) can help policy makers to prioritize services and be aware of citizens’ interests and opinions.


Correlation of multiple sources of data will help government economists with more accurate financial forecasts.

Smart City and Internet of things (IoT) applications Integration

The integrated analysis of high volume and high velocity IoT data sources has the potential to significantly improve urban management and positively impact the safety and quality of life of its citizens.

Towards Improving Public Sector Services

Personalization of public services using social media-based citizen’s profile investigation to adapt to citizen needs and improving public services through data analytics.

Tracking the Coronavirus pandemic in Indonesia

Life-threatening epidemics create extraordinary challenges for governments, health care systems and other sectors such as ensuring that adequate, quality medical resources are available to protect public health. Governments requires a multifaceted approach to response, including the ability to quickly collect data and integrate data sources, forecast peak demand and identify hot spots where inventory and personnel shortages will affect care and treatment, and take action to prioritize and allocate resources.

Collect timely data for key medical resources such as hospital beds and critical care capacity, medical equipment, personal protective equipment and staffing are the key factor for all those processes. Paques provides data collection support through a flexible, customizable data ingestion, preparation, integration and transformation process. Paques brings data insights to life with visualization and interactive reports that track and explore emerging indicators, as well as large-scale outbreaks that affect medical resource demand.


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