Simplifying your Big Data Journey: from Data Ingestion, Data Integration to Data Transformation

Equipped with its state-of-the-art Distributed Asynchronous Parallel Pipeline Processing (Paques Core™) and PQL™ (Paques Query Language), Paques Data Enterprise provides a complete solution for enterprise data processing needs with unparalleled performance.

Data Ingestion

Ingest vast amount of data, structured or unstructured in a fraction of time, with minimum hardware requirement, for further processing and analysis.

Data Integration

Gain a complete view of enterprise data by integrating different internal and external data sources in various formats and get a single, unified view of your business.

Data Transformation

View your data from many perspectives by transforming your data into multiple facets of information to make a well-informed decision.


Fast Processing for Massive Dataset

Accelerate your productivity by processing a vast amount of data in a fraction of time, with minimum hardware requirement, through the power of Paques Core™.

Faster Time to Market

The All-in-A-Box toolset, including its easy-to-use PQL™, empowers you to deliver Paques Data Enterprise solutions quickly and effectively.

Smart Integration

Designed as an Open-Platform to interface seamlessly with mainstream enterprise data sources including MAPR, Hadoop, OracleDB, IBM DB, MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Cloudera, and with Smart API, thus optimizes your existing architecture so you do not waste what you have invested.


Paques can be integrated with many mainstream platforms


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