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Using Paques, banks and financial institutions can gain a complete view of all the interactions between the Institutions and a customer, getting to know service and problem data related to this customers. Paques brings together your most important metrics from multiple business lines, allowing you to adapt to an ever-changing industry.

Identification and Management of Risk Concentration
Paques recommends an initial potential analysis for identification with the best benefit ratio.
A manageable scope (of data) should help to gather experience for integrating big data in analysis and decision-making processes.
Getting to Know

Paques Data Analytics tools maximize the portfolio opportunity for each customer and optimize customer-centric processes such as credit risk evaluation and customer profiling models.

Data Cleansing

Inaccurate and incomplete data can lead to regulatory breaches, delayed decisions, and sub-optimal trade strategies. it is important to have excellent quality data in order to achieve more precise and useful result.


Adding analytics to the claims life cycle can deliver a measurable ROI with cost savings.

Customer Segmentation

A customer segmentation approach can vary widely and usually is based on the organization’s business model and priorities. Segments can be quantitative, such as by age and gender, or qualitative, such as separation by values and interests. The maximum value is obtained when banks merge both types of data to better understand the wants and needs of their customer segments, allowing them to offer the right product or service at the right time.

Carefully analyzing such a high volume of customer data can be challenging. By using Paques, retail banks can easily capture data such as spending habits, frequency, and capacity, and then use this information, as a sample, to identify the most appropriate time to make a loan offer. In turn, this targeted action improves the likelihood of retail banks earning increased revenue through customer loans.


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