Easy-to-Use and Smart Visual Analytic Solution for Every Business User

Explore your data from Paques Data Enterprise visually, discover hidden opportunities, identify key relationships, and make precise decisions faster with Paques Dashboard.


Chart Creator

Visualize data into many forms of visualization using the point-and-click interface to reveal the insight you’ve been missing.

Smart Dashboard

Combine multiple views of data from Paques Data Enterprise in seconds to get richer insights.

Ease of Use

Intuitive drag-and-drop functionality so users can focus on data visualization and analysis.

Widget Embedding

Embed dashboards and widgets in your own websites or applications, by integrating parameters to the URL of your dashboard or widget.


Share data through APIs or dashboards with sharable links generated from the Dashboard.

Advanced Visualization

Select and create visualizations as basic as Bar chart, Pie chart and as advanced as Gauge Chart, Force Directed Graph, Map, Word Cloud, Treemap, Big Number and many more.

Customizable Reporting

Build a dashboard and custom reports to display vital information in a simple, intuitive interface or download the resulting data for further customization.

Map Analytics

Leverage and visualize geolocation data to identify trends in any industry and you can create or tell a story with intuitive, vibrant story maps.


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