Harnessing the Power of Cognitive Analytics with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Paques TrueAI overcomes the barrier for enterprises to adopt AI as one of its tools in its analytic arsenal by providing step-by-step guidance in developing AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions in preparing data, machine learning training, and deployment.


Predictive Analytics Models and Algorithms

10 modeling algorithms including Neural Network, Regressions, Decision Tree, Support Vector Machines (SVMs), K-means, Logistics Regressions, and more.

Easy to Use Modeling Workbench with Wizards

Whether you prefer to work with data as simple as a point-and-click or coding in configuring your data science projects. Paques TrueAI makes it easier with a highly flexible interface.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Load, explore, and train spam detection, sentiment analysis, text generation, language translations, document classification using Paques TrueAI.


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